Content is Content – Welcome World of Tanks!

Content is Content – Welcome World of Tanks!

We normally talk about OTT and VOD in this space. After all, it’s what most people in our industry are watching for!  However, I argue that in the world of eyeball monetization – good content is good content. As such,  we are happy and very excited to start talking about the up-coming launch of World of Tanks in the Middle-East.  This heart-pounding MMO,  currently a very popular title in Europe, Russia, and the United States,  is getting ready to skyrocket in the MENA region!

There are already thousands of gamers in the MENA region already playing on the US and European servers of World of Tanks.

Soon,  low-latency and localized servers based with our telecom partner in Riyadh will drive the game to new heights in the region!  More information as we come closer to our regional launch, but the team is excited!


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