We deliver media globally.

Central Florida based Knetik Media has been focused on the development of our Knetik Platform since 2007. Tasked with the goal of providing this Enterprise and Cloud based technology platform, our goal is to provide the cornerstone technology solution for any client engaging in the delivery of content, services, and goods over the internet. Our clients range from TV broadcasters, music producers, rock and roll magazines, game publishers, wagering platforms, and game developers. They look to provide in general a consumer based service that delivers across our TransMedia+ stack of support for Video, Gaming, Music, and Print. As well, our clients are often engaged in the delivery of virtual and real services, virtual and real goods that are managed and deployed through our ecommerce and fulfillment integration engine.  As a technology platform,  we have delivered over two billion media assets to hundreds of millions of users across a wide mix of media and across the globe. The platform is agnostic to device it delivers to, the media it is delivering, the CDN it is trafficked over, and ultimately the service that is provided.

What do we provide to our partners?

  • A core administration platform that includes a robust CRM, CMS, E-Commerce, Fulfillment, Business Rules Engine (gamification), and Economy System.
  • RESTful JSON based API that drives an incredible amount of functionality
  • SDK for IOS, Android, C#, Unity, and PHP out of the box for rapid deployment of your product and dream
  • Expertise in the realms of media delivery, gamification, analytics, and e-commerce
  • Integrations out of the box to dozens of 3rd party systems systems such as SPLYT Analytics, Ninja Metrics, MailChimp, and more.
  • Documentation, SLA, and Support
    How is the platform licensed? Knetik Media believes in our client-partners and our technology. Because of this, we do not license the Enterprise platform but participate very modestly in a success based arrangement that minimizes your risk and up-front cost. Where other platforms like ours cost millions of dollars to license up-front, we believe in rapid-standup, rapid-prototyping, and minimizing time to commercial.



Million Visits to Our Platforms

Billion Media Assets Served

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